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Your First Visit

Your first visit will probably be your longest and most important visit since it provides you with a diagnosis to treat your injury. It consists of many parts as described below:

1) Paperwork- We try to make this step the most efficient and straightforward as possible. These forms are available online.

2) Exam- Dr. Pistilli will gather a clear description of your symptoms, medical history, and physical examination.

a. Symptoms: A detailed description of the nature and location of your pain and the limitations it causes.
b. Medical History: This starts first with the history of your injury and then proceeds to your overall medical history, both of which are necessary to understand your overall health.
c. Physical Examination: A hands on evaluation of your injury site as well as an overview of your total body biomechanics.
d. Discussion- An explanation of your injury, our recommendation for treatment, and what treatment will consist of. It is at this point that x-rays or referrals would be recommended, though either one is rarely needed.

3) Treatment- Chiropractors employ many therapy techniques, but we are best known for an adjustment of a subluxation. A subluxation is the improper position of bones forming a joint. These abnormal positions of the joint can produce pain, and frequently inflammation, nerve irritation, muscle spasms, numbness and tingling, and loss of joint motion. An adjustment is a hands on treatment to the affected areas to restore normal joint motion, nerve and soft tissue function.
Exercises play a key role in the recovery process by promoting the return of functional strength and mobility. Part of the resolution of an injury includes developing coordination and endurance in your body’s normal movement patterns. Dr. Pistilli demonstrates, instructs, and provides exercise handouts or exercise videos to assist you in learning these exercises. The goal is to achieve full recovery from the injury and significantly reduce the likelihood of it reoccurring.

4) Conclusion- WCC/WPM understand that during your first visit to our office, you are likely in significant pain. Dr. Pistilli’s experience of over 20 years allows him to quickly evaluate the exact nature of your injury and to implement the most effective treatment to reduce your pain as rapidly as possible.

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