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Chiropractic Care and a Typical Visit

Typically, it takes several visits over a few weeks to fully recover from an injury. The frequency of visits decreases rapidly as the symptoms improve. The recovery time varies depending on the injury and individual. Initially, Dr. Pistilli provides advice on ways to protect the injured region and control pain. He tries to identify the potential activities that contribute to and/or produce the injuries. Employment, athletic, or recreational stresses may require modification in order to fully rehabilitate the injury.

Part of your treatment is to provide a personalized home exercise program. The program usually emphasizes flexibility first then proceeds to exercises that promote strength, endurance, and coordination. The goal is to allow the patient to fully recover from the injury and significantly reduce the likelihood of re-injury. Click here to learn more about some of the exercises that we offer. Please understand that we are using these exercises as examples only. They are not intended for a specific injury and should not be tried without our examination and course of treatment.

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