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At Woodbury Chiropractic Center/Physical Medicine, we treat a variety of conditions and injuries, including Fibromyalgia, Osteoarthritis, and Premenstrual Syndrome. Listed below are some of the conditions we treat with a patient's testimonial for each condition. We selected testimonials that represent the typical patient response to our treatment.

FOOT/ANKLE PAIN: The foot and ankle are often overlooked as a source of chronic pain both at these joints and the entire leg and low back regions. Conditions include Plantar Fascitis (heel spur), Achilles tendonitis, and ankle weakness. Chiropractic intervention includes assessing the importance of balance for proper treatment.

"Prior to seeing Dr. Pistilli, I had a year of ankle and foot pain with significant loss of motion and use. Treatment through my family doctor and podiatrist produced only minimal relief. Dr. Pistilli's treatment of adjustments, stretching, and home exercises has provided relief of my symptoms and allowed me to return to a high degree of activity including dancing. His maintenance treatment has enabled me to sustain this level of improvement."

Michaelena L.

KNEE PAIN: Common knee conditions are patella misalignment, joint locking, and feelings of instability. Appropriate, mechanically-oriented chiropractic therapy frequently avoids the need for aggressive therapy.

"I was recovering from knee surgery while receiving treatment from Dr.Pistilli for an unrelated low back condition. During my treatment I mentioned to Dr. Pistilli the symptoms I had been experiencing in my knee. His examination and treatment of my knee improved its motion and provided the relief I originally anticipated from the surgery."

Sr. Antoinette L.

HIP INJURY: Faulty hip joint movement often produces pain, loss of motion, and low back pain. Conditions include a catching sensation, groin pain, loss of balance, and bursitis. Chiropractic is well versed and is effective in the treatment of these injuries.

"I had a severe onset of low back and hip pain that made it all but impossible to walk. Through Dr. Pistilli's therapies -- including ice, muscle stimulation, and spinal manipulation -- I enjoyed significant relief of my symptoms after my first visit. Over the next few weeks of Dr. Pistilli's treatment and home exercise program, I was able to recover 100%."

Robert R.

LOW BACK PAIN: The most common injury to the body. Over 80% of us will experience one or more episodes in our lifetime. Symptoms include pain, loss of motion, altered sensations in the lower limbs. Chiropractic therapy stresses the importance of improving the mechanics of the back as paramount to proper function and to reduce the reoccurance of low back pain.

"I experienced a work-related injury that produced two herniated discs in my lumbar spine. Medical treatment included the use epidurals that provided only limited relief, and physical therapy which aggravated my injury. Dr. Pistilli's treatment of stretching, adjustments, and therapies along with a progressive home exercise program produced a full recovery from these injuries without having to proceed to surgery. Maintenance treatment has allowed me to maintain this level of improvement."

Ray B.

NECK INJURY: These painful injuries can arise from a major trauma or micro trauma including the kind of accumulated microtrauma that can arise from prolonged time sitting at a desk. Frequent complaints are forward (stoop) position, loss of movement while turning the neck, grinding noises, and arm and shoulder pain. Chiropractic intervention is often the most effective approach for these symptoms.

"Occasionally, I develop intense neck pain and loss of movement. This is related to my sedentary activities as a college student. A few treatments with Dr. Pistilli enable me to return to my activities without pain or restriction."

Meagan S.

HEADACHES: The most common source for headache pain is abnormal bio-mechanics in the neck region. Nutrition and chiropractic therapy have proven to be very effective for mechanically-based headaches.

"I had experienced chronic headaches for more than a year. These symptoms included severe pain, vomiting, and fatigue on a daily basis. The medication I was required to take left me fatigued and with a poor quality of life. Treatment with Dr. Pistilli has eliminated my headaches and my need to take any medication. I have had only two headaches in the past two-and-a-half years."

Jim L.

TMJ: There is often a direct relationship between the neck and jaw pain. Chiropractic care frequently provides dramatic relief of these symptoms due to the common neuromechanical pathway of the upper neck and the jaw.

"I had suffered with severe TMJ for several months. Medications didn't help. On the recommendation of a friend, I sought Dr. Pistilli's assistance. Through his treatment and exercise instructions, I have enjoyed a full recovery."

Mary M.

SHOULDER PAIN: The poor position of the arm in the socket of the shoulder joint is often the root cause of shoulder pain. Pain can be sharp on certain movements with weakness and/or clicking or a dull steady ache. It is not unusual for chiropractic treatment to reestablish the normal position of the joint and allow appropriate healing.

"Several weeks ago I had an extremely painful injury to my left shoulder. This injury severely reduced the movement and use of my arm. After Dr. Pistilli's treatment, the pain began to improve immediately. This treatment and his home exercise program helped me tremendously."

Carol H.

ELBOW PAIN: Overload and overuse injuries are a common origin of elbow pain. Loss of grip strength and a throbbing sensation are typical complaints. Chiropractic treatment focuses on correcting the environment and the mechanics of the injury. This is essential to a successful resolution.

"I have had a problem with my elbow for many years following an car accident. This problem causes my elbow to lock up and is quite painful. A single treatment with Dr.Pistilli is all that it takes to relieve occassional severe pain."

Sue M.

CARPAL TUNNEL: These injuries occur from irritation of the nerve (median) as it passes through the tunnel formed by the bones of the wrist. Carpal Tunnel Symptoms include hand/wrist pain, numbness, tingling, and loss of strength. Chiropractic care often targets the mechanics for the entire upper arm and neck in order to relieve these symptoms.

"I am a mother of a small child and an office worker. My extensive computer work frequently caused a flare-up of my Carpel Tunnel Syndrome. After a few treatments, Dr. Pistilli was able to allleviate my symptoms. I have been able to avoid surgery which some of my co-workers have required, often with less than satisfactory results."

Annete T.

FIBROMYALGIA: This is a condition that affects the fibrous tissue of the body (i.e. tendons, muscles, and ligaments). Fibromyalgia is not so much a disease, but a constellation of symptoms that include fatigue, flu-like joint pain, muscle stiffness, achiness, and headaches. These symptoms can be aggravated by weather patterns and menstrual cycles. Diagnosis is often achieved by excluding other symptoms such as thyroid disorder, lyme disease, heart problems, and neurological conditions.

Generally, chiropractic care is effective in controlling symptoms that often become manifested with postural strains. Treatment approaches include myofascial release, light mobilization/manipulation, and examination of the stresses that exacerbate these systems, including inadequate diet, rest, and exercise.

"I suffer from chronic fybromyalgia. Several years ago -- based on a referral from my primary care physician -- I consulted Dr. Pistilli. His treatment of stretching, mobilization, and adjustments has provided me great relief for this chronic condition. I can maintain this level of improvement with his monthly treatments."

Robert D.

MOTOR VEHICLE ACCIDENT: Tremendous forces are potentially delivered to the soft tissue elements of the back, neck, and extremities in fractions of a second during a typical motor vehicle accident. Symptoms can be immediate or delayed and include neck, back, arm, leg, and hip pain; headaches; numbness and tingling in the arms and legs. Early chiropractic examination and treatment is often vital for the successful recovery from these difficult injuries.

"I am a recent victim of an automobile accident which produced significant injuries to my neck, back, arms, and leg including a herniated disc. Dr. Pistilli's use of therapies, stretching, and adjustments greatly relieved my pain. Along with home exercises he recommends, these treatments have allowed me to return to work."

Sally B.

FAILED BACK SURGERY: A quiet revolution has developed in the past decade concerning back surgery. The new model is to exhaust a conservative approach that often involves active patient participation. Chiropractic treatment is at the forefront of this approach. Inpart, this strategy has stemmed from the unacceptably high rate of failed back surgeries.

"I have suffered with severe back pain for years with treatment from a variety of specialists. The severity of this injury required me to proceed with major back surgery. Unfortunately, surgery did not alleviate my back pain. A friends referral directed me to Woodbury Chiropractic Center, and Dr. Pistilli's care relieved my back pain. This allowed me to return to the level of activity I enjoyed prior to my injury.

I have continued my monthly care with Dr. Pistilli for the past 8 years to maintain my level of activity and control my symptoms, walking several miles a day at Dr. Pistilli's recommendation. I urge you to see Dr. Pistilli before deciding to have surgery."

Isabelle D.

SCIATICA: The sciatica nerve is the largest nerve in the human body. Sciatica (pain from the scistica nerve) is frequently the result of low back and pelvic dysfunction. Chiropractic correction of the dysfunction of the low back and pelvic region provides the most positive results for this injury.

"I experienced a severe lower back injury with sciatica when I attempted to exercise as part of my diabetes management program. Dr. Pistilli's treatment of mobilization and manipulation along with the exercises he perscribed has allowed me to fully recover from these injuries and to proceed at a higher level of activity than before this injury."

Bill D.

ALLERGIES: An allergic response is a hyper or excessive response by the body to a stimulus (allergen). The allergen is most commonly a substance inhaled or ingested in the allergic person's daily environment. Often the specific allergy (i.e. pollen, dust, milk, gluten) is an inherited characteristic. Childhood asthma also is commonly a type of allergic response and is not unusual for a child's recurring middle ear infections to have an allergic basis to them.

While the role chiropractic medicine plays in treating allergies is not yet fully understood, it is clear that some people benefit greatly from treatment. Treatment focuses on allergen avoidance as well as massage and spinal adjustments to balance the nervous system. It is suspected that since the allergic response is mediated by the nervous system that chiropractic medicine's ability to promote optimal function of the nervous system is the basis for the success it has in treating allergic reactions.

"I am a chronic allergy sufferer requiring various medications to control them. Dr. Pistilli's treatment has allowed me to eliminate some of my medications and cut the dosage of others. I have been very happy with the dramatic improvment of my allergies through Dr. Pistilli's care."

Tara L.

PRE-MENSTRUAL SYNDROME (PMS): Pre-Menstrual Syndrome occurs as a by-product of the interplay between the hormones of the menstrual cycle, especially estrogen and progesterone. The symptoms include irritability, fatigue, lethargy, headaches, and joint pain, particularly in the lower back. The condition can last from hours to days and appears to be related to fluid retention and perhaps the less-than-normal metabolism of the menstrual hormones.

Chiropractic care is effective for treatment of PMS by educating the patient on the role that diet, exercise, and vitamins can have in controlling these symptoms. Additionally, the joint pain of PMS is often relieved with a few spinal adjustments and stretching sessions.

"I originally came to Woodbury Chiropractic Center after an injury to my lower back. The treatment took care of this injury, but I also noted that my maintenance treatment relieved my PMS condition. These symptoms included irregular cycles, bloating, and discomfort. I have been seeing Dr. Pistilli for ten years, and when I occasionally miss my treatment I find my PMS symptoms return until my next treatment."

Sue M.

OSTEOARTHRITIS (OA): Osteoarthritis is the most common form of arthritis. OA is the so-called "wear and tear" arthritis affecting predominately the weight bearing joints of the body (i.e. back, hip, knee). Most people will have some X-ray findings of osteoarthritis by the time they are forty years old. Certain physically demanding activities, such as football and ballet, accelerate the appearance of osteoarthritis in the "stressed" joint complexes.

Although it is not possible to reverse existing osteoarthritis, chiropractic care can be an effective way of controlling the symptoms and reducing the progression of the future arthritis. A chiropractic approach improves the range of motion of the osteoarthritic joint and reduces the inflammation. This is achieved through hands-on techniques (massage, stretching, and manipilation) along with home exercise and nutritional advice.

"I am an 82 year old widow who was diagnosed with osteoarthritis of the back and legs several years ago. I am a long-time maintenance patient of Dr. Pistilli. I find the activities necessary to maintain my independence -- include driving, shopping, caregiving, and being a grandmother -- are maximized through Dr. Pistilli's treatment. His care helps promote my mobility and reduces my symptoms greatly."

Kathleen R.

CHILDREN: Today children are often subjected to stresses and strains on their muscle and joint complexes, and injuries often result. The prevalence of children's athletics, postural stresses of computer use, and heavy book bags are frequently responsible for these injuries. As with adults, the chiropractic approach to treating children begins with a thorough history and examination in order to fully understand the injury and the mechanism that produced it. Treatment is modified to take into account the obvious differences in a child's musculoskeletal system. Fortunately, most childhood injuries respond rapidly to care and require only a few treatments and minor modification to fully recover.

"Occasionally, my son experiences neck and/or back pain as a consequence of participation in youth athletics. Dr. Pistilli's treatments and the exercises he prescribes have consistantly enabled my son to recover from his injuries and resume his activities without restrictions."

Ryan H.

Patient Reviews of Our Staff:

  • "The staff at Dr. Pistilli's office is so friendly and upbeat that it makes my visits more enjoyable and I look forward to coming in."
    Ellen M.
  • "I like to arrive early for my appointments so I can get a chance to interact with the staff. They always make me feel at home and comfortable and yet I am always confident in the professionalism of Dr. Pistilli and his staff."
    Wil C.
  • "My experience with Woodbury Chiropractic Center has been a very positive one. Dr. Pistilli and his staff have been very efficient and at the same time provided a very friendly and caring atmosphere."
    Birgit R., M.D.

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