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Dr. Pistilli has operated Woodbury Chiropractic Center/Physical Medicine (WCC/WPM) for over 20 years treating a variety of injuries arising from sports, work, motor vehicle accidents, or just every day activities. Dr. Pistilli is noted for gentle and painless adjustments, rapid recovery, home exercise programs, and his dedication to the patients. Dr. Pistilli has a special interest in providing the latest treatment and instructions regarding posture, full body mobility, and healthy lifestyle choices. He is committed to utilizing the safest and most current treatment options such as Spinal Decompression Therapy.

Dr. Pistilli enjoys a solid reputation in the local medical community largely based on referrals from family practitioners and specialists in the fields of neurology and orthopedics. He continues to earn this reputation through caring treatment and appropriate co-management with these medical professionals. If at any point he suspects non-chiropractic conditions, Dr. Pistilli refers his patients to their family practitioners. Our patients trust that their health care is our first priority.

Woodbury Chiropractic Center/Physical Medicine (WCC/WPM) is happy to be associated with trusted local family physician David Gehring M.D. who has agreed to provide his services to our patients if a medical perspective on your condition is desired. Naturally, a majority of our patients do not require his services or are able to consult with their family physicians on their injuries. However, should you require Dr. Gehring's service; we at WCC/WPM are very fortunate to be able to access our next door neighbor's considerable medical experience when needed.

We know your time is valuable and our staff is friendly, experienced, and efficient in scheduling appointments as well as answering any insurance or chiropractic questions you may have.


  • "The staff at Dr. Pistilli's office is so friendly and upbeat that it makes my visits more enjoyable and I look forward to coming in."
    Ellen M. / Woodbury, NJ

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